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The mission of Jackson Hole Fire/EMS is the protection of life and property from the adverse effects of fires, medical emergencies and exposures to man-made and/or natural dangerous conditions.

All members, resources and activities are dedicated to providing excellence in fire suppression, emergency medical care, hazard abatement, committed training, aggressive code enforcement and effective public education.

Our Vision .....

Phone: (307) 733-4732
Fax: (307) 739-9856

Fire Administration Offices
40 East Pearl Avenue/ P.O. Box 901
Administration Office is open 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday

Electrical Safety Division

                 Electrical Safety Division

Electrical Safety Division is responsible for the following:  

Electrical Code Enforcement, Issuing Electrical Permits in Teton County, Inspection Services for New and Altered Structures, Electrical Plan Reviews, Maintaining records for Electrical Inspections, Plan Reviews, and Complaint Records.

Electrical Permits: Electrical Permits are required for all permanent wiring installed in buildings and structures and are issued for work to be completed as listed on the Electrical Permit Application. No electrical work should be started without a permit. The fee cost is based on the bid submitted for the electrical work to be performed and any additional work that is not included on the permit application will not be allowed and an additional permit will need to be pulled. You cannot schedule an electrical inspection without an Electrical Permit.

Types of Electrical Inspections: Temporary Service, Service, Rough Wiring, and Final. There is also a Low Voltage Rough Wiring and Low Voltage Final.

Electrical Plan Review: An Electrical Plan review is required for industrial and commerical installations, and also residential, if residential services are over 400 amps. Please provide a complete site plan, drawn to scale, showing property lines, streets and alleys, proposed building location and any other structures on site. Show the location of Lower Valley’s transformer and service equipment. Provide floor plans, drawn to scale with room dimensions and identify all rooms and their uses. A complete set of electrical plans will include one line diagram showing service, panels and feeders, panel schedules, location of all electrical equipment, devices, classification of hazardous areas, emergency systems and short circuit current rating at the service equipment, grounding electrodes and loading calculations.

See below for additional information:


CLICK HERE for the Electrical Code Resolution information.

CLICK HERE for Electrical Permit Fee Schedule Information.

CLICK HERE for Electrical Permit Application Form.  This form will NOT submit.  Please email completed form to Shannon Burns, sburns@tetonwyo.org 

CLICK HERE for Low Voltage Installation Information.

CLICK HERE to apply for an Electrical Permit and pay for it with either a Credit Card or E-Check.


For questions, please contact:


Mike Bressler, Chief Electrical Inspector

Electrical Safety Division

Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

P.O. Box 901

Jackson, Wyoming 83001

(307) 733-4732



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