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The Jackson/Teton County Long Range Planning is a joint department of the Town of Jackson and Teton County that addresses long-term planning issues in the community.

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Tyler Sinclair

Director of Planning



Alex Norton

Town/County Long-Range Planner



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Town/County Long-Range Associate Planner




Housing Action Plan

Envisioned by Policy 5.4.a of the Comprehensive Plan; the Housing Action Plan is to be a cooperative effort of the Town, County, local housing agencies and organizations, and other workforce housing stakeholders in the community. It's purpose is to evaluate the costs and benefits of various housing tools, establish a system for monitoring the success of those tools in meeting our housing goal, and establish the roles that various entities, including the free market, will play in meeting the housing goal of the community.

Workforce Housing Action Plan

(adopted Nov. 2, 2015)

Workforce Housing Action Plan Review Process

Materials Reviewed

Review Schedule

Housing Summit

May 20 & 21, 2015, 9am - 5pm

Lodge Room at Snow King Center

Annotated Agenda 

Housing Summit Power Point Presentation

Please click on links below to listen to meeting audio:

05.20.15 Housing Summit Pt 1

05.20.15 Housing Summit Pt 2

05.21.15 Housing Summit Pt 3

05.21.15 Housing Summit Pt 4

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Workforce Housing Action Plan Stakeholder Group Work


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