Teton County Wyoming

Geographic Information System

Guidelines for digital plat submittal

  • An ASCII point file is not required when a DXF or DWG file is provided.
  • AutoCAD 2004 (and newer) format files are NOT being accepted. Please save to an older version.
  • Drawings should be two dimensional, not 3D (all Z values should be 0).
  • Drawing files should be on state plane coordinates (rotated to grid, scaled to ellipsoid), rather than on a local surface datum with ties to state plane control annotated.
  • Lot numbers and street names are required.
  • Only access easements are used in the GIS. If you include other types of easements (utility, snow storage, view corridor, etc.) please identify them as such.
  • Bearings, distances, certificates, notes, and other annotations are not required.
  • Files may be emailed to gis@tetonwyo.org or provided on floppy disk.
  • Line trimming at ends to create hollow point symbols should be avoided. This is a bad practice for any digital data exchange.
  • Digital plats are required even when state plane coordinate ties are not.
  • Do not put a plat on state plane coordinates unless you really surveyed the control in (do not use the GIS to get your coordinates).
  • Alta is on HARN, the rest of the County is on NAD83.