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Temporary Tent Permit Form


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Please thoroughly read and acknowledge the following code requirements
  3. 3. Please thoroughly read and acknowledge the following code requirements continued
  • Step One

    1. Tent Permit
      A temporary tent permit shall be submitted at least two weeks prior to event. A temporary tent (less than 180 days) over 400 square feet shall be rquired and approved from the Prevention Bureau of Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, as noted in th e2015 International Fire Code. See Chapter 31, 2015 International Fire Code, Chapter 2 for definitions.
    2. 3103.2 Approval Required
      Tents and membrane structures having an area in excess of 400 square feet shall not be erected, operated or maintained for any purpose without first obtaining a permit and approval from the fire code official.
    3. Please Note
      Your special event will not be allowed until all requirements are met through the Tent Permit application process. Please check the correct answer below.
    4. Site plan showing tent position in relationship to other structures, with distance dimension included.*
    5. Internal layout of tent, including, but not limited to: exist placement, table and chair layout, stage position etc.*