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Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Checklist

  1. Please read and acknowledge the following code requirements.*
    Does your cooking produce smoke or grease-laden vapors?
  2. Please list the name of the hood cleaning company and date of last cleaning.
  3. Please list the company servicing your automatic fire extinguishing and date of last inspection.
  4. Please list the company name and date of your Class K extinguisher inspection.
  5. Do you transport LP or CNG containers on your mobile food prep vehicle?*
  6. Please Acknowledge the below items*
  7. Do you transport cooking oil?*
  8. Please acknowledge the below items
  9. The above list does not include all provisions of 2018 IFC Section 319
    All mobile food preparation vehicles working within Teton County shall be expected to comply with all requirements of this code. Free access to more information can be found at
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