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Affordable Housing

  1. Report a Violation

    If you know of an abuse in the Affordable Housing Programs, please let us know. We rely heavily on the community to help us with... More…

Jackson Hole Teton County Fire/EMS

  1. Accident/Incident Report
  2. Application for Fireworks
  3. Patient Request for Access to Protected Health Information
  4. Release of Fire Report Information

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

  5. Special Event Application

    Request Jackson Hole Fire/EMS for your event.

  6. Volunteer Application For Membership

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

  7. Volunteer Member Time Card

    Ambulance Shifts / Transfers / Special Events

  8. Work Order Request Form

    JH Fire/EMS - Maintenance Department

  1. Annual Short Term Rental Check List

    Through the authority of the Town of Jackson, Ordinance 5.60.050(E), Jackson Hole Fire/EMS conducts annual fire safety inspections on... More…

  2. Electrical Permit Application

    Electrical Fees Calculator and Permit Application

  3. Purchase Order Form

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

  4. Release of Inspection Report
  5. Temporary Tent Permit Form

    Tent Application

  6. Volunteer Leave Request Form

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

  7. Wildland Urban Interface Application