Can I have a home business?

Many residents operate businesses from their homes as a way to give small local businesses a place to start. These do require the proper permits to be approved before any commercial activity can take place. 

There are two categories of Accessory Commercial Uses: 

Home Occupations

Home Occupations are operated by the homeowner or resident and the area used is restricted to 25% or less of the living space. No one residing off-site may be employed by a home occupation business. Examples are professional services like accountants, real estate agents, artists, music studio, tailors, tutors or counselors. This use requires a Basic Use Permit and is handled administratively by the Planning Staff. Please check with your HOA first as some subdivisions do not allow home occupations or businesses.

Home Businesses

Home Businesses are the next step up where the homeowner has 1 to 3 employees and the space dedicated to the business is 25% or less of the living space and part or all of the outbuildings. Examples are contracting businesses, offices, music, art or other schools, art studios or galleries. In most residential areas, a Conditional Use Permit is required, which includes public hearings before the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners.

Both of these permit types require a digital application submittal through the Planning & Building SmartGov Portal, where you will be asked to include the requirements outlined in the checklists. 

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