How do I find records of permits?

There are two ways to view the electronic versions of applications, permits, and related documents. The first is to use the County GIS map to find the property in question (see above FAQ to learn how to do that) and then use the Planning & Building records link under the INFO tab. Each property will then have a comprehensive list of all permits that have come through our office. By clicking on the specific permit number that you are interested in, you can explore the permit details and any associated notes or documents that have been scanned. For recently submitted permits you can even view the current review status, inspection results, and fees. 

The second option is to use our SmartGov Search Portal to search for specific permits. You can also use this resource to search by property address or parcel number. If there are no scanned documents available there may be paper copies available for viewing in the Planning & Building Office. 

Beginning in 2009, the Building Department began tracking certain types of permits commonly issued in conjunction with a Building Permit as sub-permits of that Building Permit number. Common sub-permits include Grading and Erosion Control, Septic, Plumbing, and Mechanical Permits. If a permit is categorized as a sub-permit, you will not see it listed individually here under its own permit number. Instead, you will want to click on the Building Permit reference number so you can review the sub-permits on the Permit Application Status page. This will only apply if the Building Permit was issued in 2009 or more recently. Prior to 2009, all permits were cataloged individually and will appear in the Permit Applications list.


We are in the process of scanning permit records. Once scanned, paper copies of permits are only available for viewing if they are from the last five years. Building architectural plans are not publicly available online and paper copies are not available for viewing once a residential project has been completed. Building architectural plans are copyrighted by the architect and therefore we cannot make copies for the public.  

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1. How do I find records of permits?
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