How do I report a controlled burn?

To report your Open Burn, please contact Jackson Hole Fire/EMS at 733-4732. Open burns are allowed in the Town of Jackson only when the Mayor proclaims Burn Week, usually once in the spring and once in the fall. Open burns in the County are generally allowed throughout the year, unless fire restrictions are placed into effect. Be prepared to give the physical address of your burn, your name and a telephone at which you can be reached during your burn.

Open Burn Policies are as follows: 

  1. Waste matter shall not be burned, which shall in burning cause or  create a dense smoke or odor, such as old hay, straw, manure,  insulation, household trash, plastic, etc. Only clean wood, branches and leaves can be burned.
  2. If wind is blowing, do not burn. If the wind comes up while burning, stop burning.
  3. Keep fire small – feed material into it. If a large pile (non-commercial) must be burned, wait until there is snow on the ground to begin the burn.
  4. The location of the fire must be no close than 50 feet to structures, grass, brush, trees, etc.
  5. Must have a garden hose connected to a water supply or other approved  fire extinguishing equipment shall be readily available for use at the  open burn site.
  6. Must have a responsible person in attendance at all times of burning.
  7. All burning must be done in daylight hours only.
  8. Morning hours are the best time to conduct open burns.
  9. Must call DEQ – lander at 307-332-6755), if you are less than 500 feet to a neighboring residence, workplace or other place where people congregate at.
  10. Must call dispatch at 733-2331 each day you plan to burn.

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