Will the closure be re-evaluated or changed?

Studies are starting in the fall of 2011 to evaluate the possible impacts of the pathway on wildlife and the Elk Refuge's mission.

There are no guarantees that the closure or other regulations will be modified, but the County is working with the Elk Refuge to collect the necessary information to make decisions on pathway management. In the absence of data that allows the Elk Refuge to re-evaluate the need for the closure, the closure and dog restrictions will remain as they are. It is expected that 2-3 years minimum of data collection will be needed in order to make informed decisions.

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1. Why is the pathway closed?
2. Who owns the pathway?
3. Can I take my dog on the pathway?
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5. Isn't the highway the real problem?
6. What's going to happen if I do use the pathway?
7. Will the closure be re-evaluated or changed?
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