Swinging Bridge Repair Project

On Tuesday, August 18th the Board of County Commissioners approved an award of contract to Flame On, Inc. to repair the Swinging Bridge, damaged in April when an overweight/over height vehicle attempted to cross the bridge.

Closing of the Bridge

The bridge has remained closed since the incident at the recommendation of Buchko Structural Engineering due to safety concerns. After considering the safety concerns associated with the alternative access located at South Highway 89 at Henry’s Road, the Board unanimously approved a contract that will heat straighten the damaged bridge members and railings, replacement of the west steel portal frame and sway brace members, replacement of four timber running boards and one timber curb section, and repainting of all steel repairs.

Beginning Work

Work is scheduled to start after the Labor Day holiday and be completed by late September or early October with the goal being that all work is completed prior to the start of winter driving conditions. The county will continue its efforts to secure compensation for the repairs from the responsible party and/or the insurance company.