Red House Apartments at Jackson & Kelly

What is this: 

This project is a partnership between the Cumming Foundation and Teton County that will result in a 100% deed restricted apartment development in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.

Why here: 

The Cumming Foundation owns six lots that are zoned CR-2 and located in the lodging overlay, which means they could develop them into a three-story short-term rental project – like a hotel or high-end condos. Instead, the Foundation has offered to partner with Teton County, who owns four adjacent lots to the south of the Foundation’s lots, to develop 100% deed restricted apartments. The development includes 10 lots total: 320 & 360 & 380 S. Jackson St., 255 & 257 W. Kelly Ave., 335 S. Millward St., 270 W. Hansen Ave., Lots 2-4 Blk 9 2nd Wort Addition. 

Why now: 

Building housing that is safe, stable, affordable, and close to jobs and transit, allows our workforce to live, spend, and volunteer locally. It also reduces traffic congestion on our highways, limiting wildlife-vehicle conflicts and lowering our carbon emissions.   

Next steps: 

A stakeholder meeting was held November 5, 2020 to discuss the design and programming for the development. A summary of this meeting can be found here. In addition to this meeting, individual stakeholder interviews were conducted in the spring of 2020. A summary of these interviews can be found here. 

The Board of County Commissioners directed staff to draft the necessary legal documents to transfer the land to the Foundation. January 19, 2021. 

The Foundation as developer, will take the project through the Town of Jackson’s planning process. The Housing Director and Town Community Development Director will work closely with the Foundation throughout this process. January 2021 – December 2021.

Groundbreaking. Spring 2022. 

Completion. 2023 

Total units: The project is still in the preliminary design stage and total units and bedroom counts have not yet been determined. 

Affordability: 75% Affordable Rentals, 25% Workforce Rentals

Project Team: Hoyt Architects, Jorgensen Associates, Herschberger Design, and Shaw Construction. 

Developer: Cumming Foundation