Community Prevention Coalition of Teton County (CPCTC)


Purpose: To promote the health of people living in the Teton County area, and to enhance community efforts by delivering effective opportunities for healthy living among multiple sectors of the community.

Vision: We envision a vibrant community whose culture encourages connectivity and well being.

Mission: The CPCTC will utilize effective prevention strategies that strengthen community efforts to prevent suicide and reduce the problematic use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

CPCTC Bylaws


CPCTC is a combination of concerned citizens, business people, health care professionals, schools (public and private), local government, youth-serving organizations, and civic groups who have come together to work collaboratively on the following priorities:

  1. Reduce underage drinking and consumption of all other drugs
  2. Reduce adult over-consumption of alcohol
  3. Reduce tobacco use
  4. End Suicide