Housing Department Rules & Regulations

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The Housing Department updates the Housing Department Rules and Regulations annually. The 2020 updated version is now undergoing a 45-day Public Comment Period prior to adoption by the Board of County Commissioners. The Town has a different process. The Rules and Regulations are a Town Ordinance and must go through three readings before the Town Council can adopt the Ordinance. Public Comment can be given at the Town Council meetings or through email. Public comment to the County Commissioners can be given at any of their regular meetings or through email.

Changes to the document include clarifications, formatting, correction of scrivener's errors, and one policy change. The policy change is to the rule concerning Defaults. Homeowners who have had 3 notices of Default will be forced to sell their home upon the 4th Default.

2020 Updated Housing Rules and Regulations 45-Day public comment Document. Redlined Version.

Public Comment can be sent to the following email addresses:

Town Council and Board of County Commissioners:     housing@tetoncountywy.gov

Town Council:     electedofficials@townofjacksonwy.gov

County Commissioners:     commissioners@tetoncountywy.gov