1370 Primrose Lane

Affordable Category 1 home for sale - 1370 Primrose Lane, Wilson, Wyoming

2 story, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 car garage, 1,100 square feet, range, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, and dryer, 2 pets allowed.


Eligibility, Qualifying, & Preference

Income limits to apply for this Category 1 Affordable Home:

One Person Household
$0 to $51,184
Two Person Household$0 to $58,496
Three Person Household
$0 to $65,808
Four Person Household$0 to $73,120
Five Person Household$0 to $78,970
Net Asset Limit$146,240

The deadline to enter the lottery for this home for sale is Tuesday December 26, 2017 by 4:00 p.m.  No late or incomplete entries will be accepted.

To enter this lottery, you must submit a lottery entry sheet, filled  out entirely and signed by all applicants, a lenders qualification  worksheet, filled out by your lender, a copy of your current credit  report, and a home buyer education class course certificate.  As long as your lenders qualification worksheet is representative of the amount of home for sale, it will be good for 1 year of its completion.  If the  home you are trying to apply for is for more than your qualification  worksheet indicates, you will need to submit a new one showing the  updated borrowing ability.  The home buyer education class certificate  is good indefinitely. 

If you have completed the home buyer  education class and provided the Housing Department with a copy of the  certificate, and have a current lenders qualification & credit  report on file with the Housing Department, you simply need to submit  the below provided lottery entry sheet. Please contact the Housing  Department staff with any questions you may have regarding entry into  this or any lottery. Thank you.

Items needed to enter the lottery for this home:

Lottery Entry Sheet

Lenders Qualification Worksheet

Home Buyer Education Class Certificate

Example cost break down for a home at $167,106

Down Payment Amount (3.5% required)$5,849
Loan Amount$161,257
Principal & Interest Payment (estimated 5%)$897
Property Taxes (estimate)$79
HOA Dues (estimate)$25
Insurance (estimate)$100
Total Estimated Monthly Payment$1,101

We recommend you speak with a local lender about all your financing options.

Special Restrictions