2018-2019 Implementation Work Plan

The Annual Indicator Report and Work Plan work together to inform the Growth Management Program. The Work Plan defines the projects and initiatives to be undertaken in the upcoming fiscal year.


The 2018 Annual Indicator Report and Work Plan were released March 7, 2018. The Work Plan will be reviewed and approved at the public meetings below.

Meetings & Public Workshops

  • Town Council and Board of County Commissioners Joint Information Meeting, April 9, 2018, 3 p.m., Town Hall
  • Town of Jackson Planning Commission, March 21, 2018 6 p.m., Town Hall
  • Teton County Planning Commission, March 12, 2018 6 p.m., Board of County Commissioners Chambers

Reports & Documents


The Annual Indicator Report and Work Plan work together in conjunction with the Growth Management Program to adaptively implement the Comprehensive Plan. The Annual Indicator Report is produced in order to facilitate evidence-based planning as our community seeks to achieve the Comprehensive Plan Vision. It is used to inform the types and prioritization of projects in the Annual Work Plan. The Work Plan identifies the Comprehensive Plan implementation efforts to be undertaken in the next fiscal year, as well as prioritizing the efforts to be pursued in the coming years. The Work Plan includes Teton County projects, Town of Jackson Projects, and projects that will be carried out jointly by both jurisdictions.

Growth Management Program

The Growth Management Program is a quantitative review structure that provides the measurability and accountability needed to ensure the community will achieve the Comprehensive Plan Vision. The Growth Management Program is made up of four parts: a trigger (amount of residential growth), two targets (location and type of growth), corrective actions, and a 10-year regular Plan update.

Annual Indicator Reports and Annual Work Plans are not directly a part of the Growth Management Program. Instead, they supplement the Program, helping us monitor progress towards meeting Growth Management Program targets and identifying annual efforts that will move us closer to those targets. The Growth Management Program and the role Indicator Reports and Work Plans play in informing the Growth Management Program are represented in the graphic below.

Growth Management Program flow chart